Zehayom is a national network of Jews in 12 step recovery programs. Our primary purpose is to help carry the message to the addict who still suffers AND may have Jewish cultural barriers that block her/him from easily finding the appropriate 12 step fellowship.

We are here to help any fellow addict — with any addiction and from any background.

However you find us, we have one thing to say: THERE IS HOPE!

Everyone in our network has been through the pain of addiction and is currently living life to the fullest. Many of us are protective of our anonymity at the community level, but will readily come forth to the aid of any addict, family member or communal leader in need.

We are a¬†bridge to 12 step fellowships, not a substitute for them. We are not focused on addiction’s symptoms (e.g. alcohol abuse, drug abuse, compulsive gambling, compulsive overeating, sex and love addiction, etc.), rather we are focused on helping connect each person with the resources most likely to get them the help they need.

Call our 24-hour Helpline, 1-866-ZEHAYOM.