Welcome to Zehayom.¬†Our name is taken from a pasuk (verse) in Tehillim (Psalms) that says “This is the day that G_d has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” For people struggling with the demoralizing demons of addiction, such joyful approach to life is especially foreign. Addicts have lost the freedom to choose their own behavior, let alone the ability to be truly happy. Addiction is a trap. It is no way of life – not for a Jew, not for anyone.

Rabbi Hirsh Chinn, Zehayom Educational Director

For those of us who suffer from addiction in any of its forms (alcoholism, drug addiction, compulsive gambling, overeating, sex addiction, etc.) a simple way out of the trap has been proving itself for more than 70 years — The 12 Steps, first articulated by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and later adapted by Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and numerous other organizations. In reality, the principles of the 12 Steps are much older than AA. At Zehayom, we believe that the 12 Steps are a modern day access point to spiritual growth that has been present in Jewish tradition all along. As Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski once told our founder, even the cure for appendicitis is in the Torah. But since we don’t know how to get it out, we have to rely on doctors to do what they can to save our lives. So too with addiction. Torah has all the answers, but since we today do not know how to look into the Torah and solve our problems with addiction, we need something else. For thousands upon thousands of people around the world, the 12 Steps — as articulated by AA, NA and others — are the answer.

For many Jews who are uncomfortable with the idea of going to 12 Step Meetings because of misconceptions that it would be somehow disloyal to Judaism, Zehayom may be able to help. Addiction is deadly to the body, mind and spirit, and must be treated. In the best circumstances, addiction robs a person of the joy of living a truly meaningful and happy life. In the worst circumstances, the struggle ends only with a funeral. Today is the day that G_d has made. No matter what you have done in the past, today is the single most important day of your life. Let’s start on a path to happiness together right now. It seems impossible right now, but if you have had enough pain, this can be done. We don’t know if we can help YOU, but if you call us we will certainly try.