Vision & Mission

Zehayom envisions a world where cultural barriers no longer block Jewish addicts from finding the readily available resources that could save their lives. In NA, there is an expression, “the lie is dead.” This refers to the horrible sentiment “once an addict, always an addict.” The millions of inspiring lives being lived by members of AA, NA and other 12-Step fellowships have proven beyond all doubt that addiction, while incurable, can be arrested at some point, and recovery is then possible. In Zehayom, there are two more lies we wish to kill: “Jews can’t be addicts” and “12 Step Fellowships aren’t Kosher,” so that no Jewish addict need ever die from the horrors of addiction.

The mission of Zehayom is to bridge cultural gaps that prevent Jews from accessing lifesaving help that is readily available to them. We do this by anonymously connecting Jewish addicts who still suffer to Jewish addicts in recovery who can share experience, strength and hope gained through 12-Step recovery programs.