Although 12-Step Recovery from organizations like AA and NA is completely consistent with even the strictest interpretations of Judaism, there are often cultural gaps that prevent Jews from accessing lifesaving help that is readily available.

  •  The therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel.
  • Our services are not a substitute for participation in a twelve-step program.
  • We are not a kiruv organization.
  • All of our services are strictly confidential.

We believe that addicts can only be helped when they want help – when they’ve had enough pain. Recovery can be encouraged, but never successfully forced on anyone. We believe that recovery is an ongoing process.

Reaching those of our people who suffer from the deadly disease of addiction sometimes finds us in unusual company. We do not judge those who suffer and wish only to make life saving information available to them. We do, at times, cross cultural boundaries to get our message across, but we always do this inside the framework of halacha, with guidance from appropriate Rabbinic authorities.