Chanukah – Miketz

by Rabbi Hirsh M. Chinn

In Parshas Miketz, the story opens with וַיְהִי מִקֵּץ שְׁנָתַיִם יָמִים “And it came to pass at the end of two full years” (literally : two years of days) Why the additional “of days”? Someone who lives a spiritually connected life tries to make each day constructive. Each day of connecting with a force and a source greater than ourselves, develops the person/mensch, one day at a time and these days add up becoming months and years. Yosef completed a period of two years – one day at a time.

This idea is reflected in the lights of the menorah that we light, following the opinion of Beis Hillel, 1,2,3 etc . We celebrate the days of miracles that we have experienced. We don’t light 8,7,6, etc. looking at the amount of miraculous days remaining. People living in recovery from any illness learn to celebrate the days that they “have” not what is ahead. Ask any “old-timer” in recovery and you will hear that all the “years” of sobriety are all made up of each “today”.

Perhaps this too is hinted to, when the Torah says that Avraham died וְאַבְרָהָם זָקֵן, בָּא בַּיָּמִים – And Avraham was old, (literally) coming with his days. Growing each day.

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  1. Kidest says:

    I have to respond to Shivi’s enirepexce with OA, now having had a month of OA abstinence (no binge eating) under my belt. I completely understand her response to the meetings of seeing people who were overweight and depressed, of feeling like it didn’t fully address all angles like exercise and meditation. I too went to meetings and saw this but I HIGHLY encourage anyone who is trying to overcome this to try out a few different meetings. I eventually found a HOW format meeting of OA to find many many normal weighted people with years of maintaining a healthy happy body weight (along with people still at the beginning of their journeys) and was encouraged to get what they have from OA. I feel more amazing today than I thought possible. I am so glad that I kept looking for the right meeting. There is no quick easy fix for our eating issues (otherwise we wouldn’t have them) and feeling uncomfortable in a new situation at first is normal. They didn’t talk about exercise and meditation the first meeting but that is naturally becoming a part of what I’m doing as I work my way through the OA program with my sponsor I have daily FREE (did I mention its free???) support from a network of people who understand EXACTLY what I’m going though.

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