• Helpline: Our flagship program is our 24-hour helpline, monitored by Shmuel R. in Tzfat, Israel. Reb Shmuel is assisted by dozens of volunteers throughout Israel and the United States. Wherever you are and whatever your situation, Shmuel will do his best to put you in touch with someone near you who can relate and can help.
  • Daily telephone meeting: Zehayom hosts a 30 minute telephone call-in meeting at 7:00 a.m. Eastern Time every weekday (Monday thru Friday). This intimate meeting is attended by Jewish people in the United States and Israel. The meeting opens with a reading from Narcotics Anonymous Just For Today meditation book. Members then share, drawing strength from each other and forming a very special bond, even though separated by many miles. For information on how to call in, start by calling the helpline, 866-ZEHAYOM, or emailing
  • Sunday Night Living Each Day Telephone Shir & Meeting: Rabbi Hirsh Chinn leads this weekly inspirational call-in presentation and meeting. We start with a reading from Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski’s Living Each Day book. Rabbi Chinn then gives a brief d’var torah based on the reading and then facilitates an open discussion. Meeting is held Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time and lasts no more than one hour. For information on how to call in, start by calling the helpline, 866-ZEHAYOM, or emailing
  • Drop-in Center: Zehayom runs a small drop-in center in Tzfat, Israel, operated by Shmuel R. This informal, inspirational oasis has become a place of Jewish spiritual exploration and respite for people living in Tzfat as well as travelers from around the world. To arrange your visit, call the helpline, 866-ZEHAYOM, or email


Zehayom is operated primarily by volunteers. And those volunteers are people who know first-hand what addiction is all about. You won’t find patronizing or judgmental people here. We have been to the low, painful places that addiction brings people like us. We have been there and gotten out of it. We are no better and no worse than you are. Most of us our not addiction counselors, mental health professionals or halachic authorities, though we do consult with counselors and Rabbis at times. What we have is personal experience, strength and hope. We are still growing ourselves and sharing what we have with you is one of the most important parts of how we live our lives. We are here for you and want you to call.